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SweeTango Meets New Zealand

SweeTango is on its way to going global. First stop: New Zealand. Meet SweeTango grower Paul Paynter, who admits his native country looks like the movie “Lord of the Rings” — but without the hobbits!

Counting Down The Days

If you’re like us, you are counting down the days until you can bite into a juicy SweeTango apple. We

Meet a Grower

Foreman Fruit and Land Company, LLC Foreman Fruit and Land Company, LLC was founded in 1890 as Keystone Ranch and

Meet a Grower

Rennhack Orchards Rennhack Orchards also operates Rennhack Orchards Market, which is just around the corner from the family farm. It

Meet a Grower

KC Bailey Fruit Farm Founded in 1984, KC Bailey Fruit Farm consists of 150 acres of bearing apple trees and

Love Meets SweeTango

In many cases, a father’s contribution to his daughter’s wedding doesn’t go far beyond walking the bride down the aisle

Meet a Grower

Lamont Fruit Farm Lamont Fruit Farm was incorporated in 1966 by brothers George and Roger Lamont, who were the sixth