Meet the Demand

for Big Crunch & Bigger Taste

The SweeTangos are flying off the shelves—
here's how you can keep up with buyer's cravings

a large juicy red apple with bright green leaves

Pique Your Shopper's Appetite

With SweeTango® superfans eagerly awaiting the return of the world's tastiest apple, driving demand should be as easy as (apple) pie.


The Demand for Taste Has Grown

Buyers crave the big crunch and the bigger taste that only SweeTango can satisfy, making it one of the top-selling specialty apples available. And when the apples run out, consumers leave your store to look elsewhere—and let other SweeTango fans know that your SweeTango bins are empty.

To help keep you supplied with the tastiest apple, we have availability through December to keep the fans coming back for more.

My fridge is full of SweeTangos!
Finished 2 bags in a week
Found them at Walmart!!! So excited!!!
Sorry if nobody else can get their hands
on any SweeTangos. I’m eating them all.
My local stores haven’t had them in a month.
Once you eat Sweetango apples, the rest are boring!
Any in the Wichita Falls, TX area?
The only problem is that once they’re gone,
no other apples seem worth buying
I need more! My local stores are sold out 😩
apples in a sunny green orcharda single apple hanging from a tree in a sunny green orcharda crate of freshly picked apples in a sunny green orchard
a line graph

We know that SweeTango sales skyrocket above any other club variety apple in the first two weeks of October. The demand is clear—supply the 'Tangos, and the fans will come.


SweeTango is capturing the attention (and the hunger) of shoppers. See how our interactive marketing strategy continues to gain momentum and win more superfans with every bite.

U-Pick-M Assets

Spread the word that SweeTangos are back. We have all the sales tools you need to bring buyers to your stores—online and in person. Pick from our ready—made assets below. All they need is your logo!

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