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At Fowler Farms, a Perfect Place for SweeTango

SweeTango, Fowler Farms
The Fowlers: Bob, Austin, JD and John

The best apple growers in the world — including the Fowler family in upstate New York — bring you SweeTango apples.

Fowler Farms has been growing apples near the shores of Lake Ontario since the mid-1800s. J.D. and Austin represent the family’s sixth generation, with the original homestead now encompassing more than 2,500 acres of fruit, including SweeTango.

“One of the advantages of having five generations before us is that knowledge is passed along,” J.D. Fowler said. “My cousin and I have been able to learn from our dads and uncles how to grow apples, how to do it right.”

The Fowlers take full advantage of their location in Wayne County, New York’s top apple-producing county.

“We’re bleesed with a great growing environment on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, so it’s a great place, one of the best in the world for growing apples,” J.D. said.

And SweeTango is the best of the best.

“It’s a great apple — crisp, sweet and juicy,” J.D. said. “A unique eating experience, probably better than any apple variety that’s come along so far.”

The Fowler family knows it’s all about producing delicious apples. That’s what makes it possible for them to continue doing what they love.