No Ordinary Apple.

It’s crisp, sweet, and zesty. And there’s nothing quite like it. Experience the refreshingly craveable bite of SweeTango below!

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So, what’s it like to bite into a SweeTango?

So, what’s it like to bite into a SweeTango?


When you first sink your teeth into a delicious SweeTango, you release a fun, loud crunch that wakes your taste buds up and gets them ready for that first flavorful bite.


Next, a rush of sweet juicy flavor with a touch of honey fills your mouth—if it’s your first time, your eyes will probably bug out. Don’t worry, this is pretty normal.


As your taste buds begin to tango with the texture, you’ll feel a rush of citrus that perfectly complements the sweetness of the dance and makes your mouth water.


Finally, as you begin to chew, you’ll begin to notice the finer hints of spice in each bite that makes a SweeTango the only apple you’ll ever want.

Fuel Your Next Adventure with a SweeTango

Get some tasty energy without the guilt. SweeTango apples are the perfect food to help you power through a workout or explore the next trail.











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A Healthy Snack
Everyone Loves

SweeTango superfans already know that with it’s perfected sweetness, it’s the perfect apple for simple snacking and a tasty treat for when you’re on the go. Kids and adults alike crave the crunchy crispness of a SweeTango—and parents love the health benefits.

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What Makes SweeTango Special?

SweeTango apples were introduced in 2009 when horticulturalists from the University of Minnesota bred a Honeycrisp with a Zestar using time-honored techniques. The offspring produced the Minneiska tree—a special tree that grows a seasonal apple harvested in early fall...the SweeTango!

Apple lovers all over the world rave over the crisp, incredibly juicy, and distinctly flavorful qualities of a SweeTango.

Just had my first one and it was delish! My new favorite apple.

—Karen A., Capistrano Beach, California

Best apple I have ever tasted!

—Peggy S., Phoenix, Arizona

I was BLOWN AWAY by the flavor, juiciness, and crispness of the apple as I bit into it.

—Jeffrey F.

The perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

—Rusty S., Kingston, Ontario

I had my first SweeTango of the season today... Yummmm!! I missed them so much!

—Deanna V.

Absolutely delicious. How wonderful to concoct a new apple that turned out just perfect.

—Nola F.

I've had to tell everyone I know about these great apples. The BEST!!

—Carolyn D., Becker, Minnesota

First tried them this season ... hooked!

—Bonnie L., Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

The apple of my dreams!

—Lynn P.

My favorite apple!!!!

—Renee M., Mattawan, Michigan

The Best Growers

It takes the best growers to grow the best apples. Across prime growing regions in America and Canada, SweeTango apples are raised in orchards by those who care about the environment, use the most rigorous quality control, and are committed to growing only the best apples. Each grower is unique, and has their own special story to tell.

Canada Growers

From Quebec to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, our Candian growers take clear Northern skies and pure water and transform it into something sweet, special, and superb.

East Coast Growers

From the Eastern Seaboard of the United States comes a legacy of family farms cared for by generations of growers who put passion into every delicious bite you’ll enjoy.

Midwest Growers

In the heartland of America, rich fertile earth feeds the trees that grow an apple that is a cut above the rest. Our growers in the Midwest work hard to bring you the best apples possible.

Western Growers

Cradled in the greenest valleys of Pacific Northwest next to clear lakes and fresh running streams from nearby mountain tops, our Western growers use this unique landscape to grow an equally unique apple.

Crunch Into a SweeTango Now

Try our handy locator to find a store near you with SweeTango apples you can sink your teeth into today. Act fast—these apples are too delicious to stick around long!

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