About SweeTango

SweeTango is flavor – nurtured by the finest apple growers in the world.

Introduced in 2009, SweeTango is a cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties. Our growers are committed to producing a premium apple that tastes like none other. This dedication to perfection has paid off with a seasonal treat that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Superior Apple-Eating Experience

SweeTango tastes like no other apple. The apple is crisp and juicy with a smooth texture. The flavor is rich and vibrant. Sweet notes framed by bright acidity gratify with every crisp bite.

Managed to Perfection

Expert apple breeders at the University of Minnesota spent more than a decade developing the Minneiska cultivar, the apple tree that produces SweeTango.

Next Big Thing, A Growers' Cooperative LogoNext Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative, is caretaker of this distinct variety of apple. We go to great lengths to ensure that the quality of SweeTango will be maintained from season to season — for years to come.

SweeTango is a managed variety. That means each of the growers in the Next Big Thing cooperative has been put through a rigorous process to ensure our strict growing standards are maintained. Plus, we share our expertise with each other to refine our methods for growing, harvesting and shipping this new variety.

A Seasonal Treat

The SweeTango is harvested in late August and early September. That means SweeTango apples are available only for a few months in late summer and fall. When SweeTango season hits, don’t miss your chance to stock up on this superior variety of apple.

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About Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative

Next Big Thing is a 45-member cooperative of growers from five states in the U.S.—Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York— and two Canadian provinces—Quebec and Nova Scotia—that grows and markets managed varieties of apples, including SweeTango®. Next Big Thing is committed to bringing great, high-quality managed fruit varieties to market using sustainable farming practices that help reduce food miles. The cooperative arrangement helps ensure rigorous quality standards are followed in order to provide consumers with the best possible eating experience.

About the University of Minnesota Apple Breeding Program

In 1908, the University of Minnesota created the Fruit Breeding Farm, now known as the Horticultural Research Center on 80 acres near Victoria, Minn. Over the next century the farm grew to become the center of fruit research and breeding, particularly for northern climates. Apple varieties that have been named and released by the University include Fireside, Haralson, Honeygold and, more recently, Honeycrisp™ and Zestar!™