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The SweeTango team joined in the excitement at the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon Expo on October 16-17, 2015 to sample apples and give racers a boost before their big race on October 18. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Fans who already know and love SweeTango were thrilled to see us and stayed close, encouraging others to try, “the most delicious apple I’ve ever tasted!” Also overheard was, “You have to try this apple, it will blow your mind!”

Others were new to SweeTango and were visibly overwhelmed when they tried their first bite. Upon hearing the distinctive crunch and tasting the burst of flavour – they were shocked at how passionately they loved them.

SweeTango Marathon

  • “This is my new favourite apple.”
  • “That is one great apple.”
  • “I’m not really an apple person, but I love these.”
  • “That’s a sophisticated apple!”
  • “I thought this would just be another apple, but it really isn’t!”
  • “Wow! That is so crunchy!”
  • “Mmmm, I love it.”
  • “These are so sweet and crisp I almost fell over when I took a bite!”
  • “I keep seeing people raving about these apples all over the expo, I just had to try one!”
  • “YES! You’re back! Your apples were so good after the marathon last year! I love these apples” [motions to friend who is a first time racer] “You HAVE to try one, it’s the best apple you’ll ever have.”

Check out what our fans have to say about SweeTango apples by watching the below video or checking out our photo gallery on Facebook.

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