Eat Like No One Else and SweeTango

In the past two months, SweeTango has received great reviews from Eat Like No One Else, a blog dedicated to encouraging people to “eat in a way that is different from the norm.” That means avoiding frozen, preserved foods and going for the fresh fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle.

Eat Like No One Else first reviewed SweeTango on Aug. 24 with a detailed list of what stores are carrying the apples this year. A few days later a Eat Like No One Else gave SweeTango a 7 out of 10 rating based on crispiness, tartness, flavor, sweetness and juiciness in an post explaining what a SweeTango apple is like.

Lastly, Eat Like No One Else posted a recipe: Baked SweeTango Apple Cobbler. The post answered the much asked question: Can you bake a SweeTango apple? The answer: yes, you can.

To read more about the SweeTango baking experience, get the recipe or view the rest of the site, visit

SweeTango would like to thank Eat Like No One Else for promoting healthy foods, especially as alternatives to junk food as snacks.