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SweeTango Wins Over The Windy City

The “Hungry Hound” in Chicago tells his viewers about the marvelous SweeTango. Click through for a TV news story about SweeTango and new recipes featuring your favorite apple.

SweeTango Meets New Zealand

SweeTango is on its way to going global. First stop: New Zealand. Meet SweeTango grower Paul Paynter, who admits his native country looks like the movie “Lord of the Rings” — but without the hobbits!

Hear The Love From Our Fans

SweeTango season is under way — and you can see the excitement spread now that apples are arriving in produce aisles. We’ve been telling everyone that SweeTango is a superior apple, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our fans will tell you the same thing.

2012 SweeTango Harvest Has Begun!

It won’t be long now, SweeTango fans. Many of the growers with Next Big Thing, the cooperative that grows and markets SweeTango apples, are starting their harvest and getting ready to begin sending apples your way.

We Have Our First Bite Giveaway Winners!

Lots of you entered our First Bite Giveaway, hoping to win some of the first SweeTango apples to come off the trees this season. We now have our winners. Are you one of the lucky few?