SweeTango Kale Turkey Salad

Citrus-Spicy Turkey Salad with SweeTango Apples and Baby Kale

SweeTango recipe created by: Nibbles & Feasts

I always love a salad with a good “crunch.” It feels like it completes the bite and makes it taste one hundred times better. When I want a good crunch, I like to add little pieces of apple to my salad. SweeTango apples not only gave my salad that perfect “crunch” but it also gave it that sweet, juiciness it needs for that perfectly balanced bite bursting with flavor.

1 cup baby kale, washed and rinsed
1 SweeTango Apple, chopped in matchsticks
1/2 orange, peeled and wedges chopped in small pieces
1/2 jalapeño chopped in rounds
Warm roasted turkey (or chicken),sliced or shredded

In a salad bowl add kale, apple, orange, and jalapeño rounds.

Toss to combine.

To serve, place salad on plate and top with slices of turkey or chicken.

Serves: 2