SweeTango apples German Sausages

Sauteed German Sausages with SweeTango Apples

Author: Chef Jonathan Collins recipe for SweeTango Apples

150 g Smoked Bacon – sliced into 5mm slices
2 SweeTango Apples – peeled, cored and medium dice
1 Yellow Onion – trimmed, peeled and medium dice
8 Fresh Bratwurst or Weisswurst Sausages
2 cups (500 mL) Thornbury Hard Cider
2 pieces Fresh Rosemary – rinsed
4 Fresh Bay Leaves
4 cups (1 L) Sauerkraut – drained, rinsed and squeezed dry
To taste, Flaked Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Optional Garnish: Whole Grain Mustard

Heat a large cast iron or heavy-bottom casserole pan over medium-high heat, add bacon, sauté until golden brown.

Remove bacon with a slotted spoon and reserve, add onions and apples, sauté until golden brown.

Remove onions and apple with a slotted spoon and reserve, add sausages, sauté until golden brown.

Combine bacon, onions, apple, rosemary, bay leaves, and sauerkraut, deglaze pan with hard cider.

Reduce heat to low, simmer until liquid has reduced, season with salt and pepper, serve with whole grain mustard.

Yields: 8



Chef Collins has cooked for Prime Minister’s, Presidents, Billionaires, Celebrities and Royalty, and now he’s cooking with SweeTango! Since graduating Le Cordon Bleu, Jonathan has developed a signature style by blending North American, European and Asian influences with a French foundation and distinct Canadian identity, emphasizing fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. For Jonathan, it’s about fewer ingredients, simple recipes, better techniques, and a return to passionate, healthy and simple cooking.