Cool Fall – Hot Cider

The leaves are turning and Halloween is a just around the corner. Not only does fall bring colorful foliage, scary costumes and bright orange pumpkins, it’s also time for a delicious seasonal beverage: apple cider. This traditional drink can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is a great addition to holiday celebrations.

There is some debate about the origin of apple cider. Some speculate it was enjoyed in 1300 BC in the region around the Nile River. First Century Romans also may have “discovered” something like it when they reached the shores of England. Charlemagne was known to indulge in it in the 10th Century, as well.

Fast forward to 17th Century America, where apple cider was introduced by English settlers. The orchards they planted with seeds brought from their homeland yielded bumper crops, making apples a cheap and accessible food – and an abundant ingredient for cider.

Today, many of the apples grown by Next Big Thing cooperative members that don’t reach supermarket shelves are used to produce cider. Typically, several different varieties of apples are used in cider to give it a balanced, dynamic taste. This fall, enjoy some during some of your favorite pastimes, like carving pumpkins, watching football or preparing the Thanksgiving feast.

Source: Drink Focus