whittier fruit farm

Whittier Fruit Farm

Rochester, N.Y.
Founded: 1949

Mark Russell and Jill MacKenzie farm together in Rochester and Appleton, N.Y., growing SweeTango apples on Whittier Fruit Farm’s two orchards.

When they married, they thought it would be a great idea for Whittier Fruit Farm to plant what they believed was the worlds’ best apple, so they joined the cooperative and planted SweeTango; 15 acres on their big orchard in tiny Appleton, and 130 trees at the Russell family’s solar-powered U-pick.

Whittier Fruit Farm was founded by Ray and Judy Russell in 1974 when they bought a 40-acre farm West of Rochester, and planted it into a pedestrian-friendly, pick-your-own orchard. Mark and his brother, Dave, joined the family business as partners after college, and the U-pick has been a big attraction for forty years running. Jill is now the managing horticulturist.

The Russell family has always been proud to take chances on new varieties, as well as giving the public ready-to-pick versions of their traditional favorites. Now, they can add SweeTango to the list, but you better show up early if you want one right off the tree!

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