Zingler Farms, Inc.

Kendall, N.Y.

Zingler Farms was founded by Mike Zingler in 1989 when he was 24 years old. Mike was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1988 and came home to Western New York State in search of a career relating to his helicopter mechanics degree. To hold him over while he looked for a job, he began working on a farm for a local, aging farmer. This aging farmer ended up renting Mike land to grow his own crops and, thus, Zingler Farms was formed. Several years later, Mike purchased his own land and the farm has been built from there.

Today, Zingler Farms is run by Mike and his 24 year old son, Jimmy, who joined the business in 2012. They operate 350 acres of apple orchards in Kendall, Hilton, and Holley, NY. Zingler Farms planted their first Minnieska (which produce SweeTango brand apples) trees in 2007 and have planted several other orchards since then. Their newest orchard of Minnieska was planted in 2017.

Each year, knowledge and growing technique is built upon as growing higher quality fruit is their main objective. They believe that their new orchard planting system and growing techniques that they continue to modify and adapt will allow them to produce even higher quality SweeTango apples than they have been able to grow in the past; meaning you and other consumers will be continually given better looking and tasting SweeTango apples moving into the future!

All of Zingler Farms’ Minnieska apples are packed at Lake Ontario Fruit, a premier packing and storage facility in Albion, NY, of which Mike is a part owner. After they are packed under very stringent specifications, these Minnieska apples become SweeTango brand apples.

Mike and Jimmy are very proud to be able to grow, in their opinion, the best apple in the world, SweeTango! They know that you will feel the same way after you bite into one!

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