Pine Tree Growers Family

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

White Bear Lake, Minn.
Founded: 1904

The first apple trees were planted on the shores of Pine Tree Lake in 1904. More than 100 years later, that orchard, now known as Pine Tree Orchard, is owned by Art Jacobson, a city boy from St. Paul, who dreamed of growing apples and living on the land.

In 1950, Art and his wife, Dickie, moved to the orchard and purchased it in 1958. Since that time, they have made growing apples the center of their lives. Today, all six of the Jacobson’s children (and even a few grandchildren) are actively involved in growing and marketing apples.

As the family has grown, so has their orchard. The plot of land – a mere 25 acres – has grown to more than 300 hundred acres. SweeTango apples joins the crop of strawberries, pumpkins and other apple varieties that have grown there for so many years.

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