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Pepin Heights Orchard

Lake City, Minn.
Founded: 1949

Owner Dennis Courtier’s parents started farming apples in 1949. An excellent growing site and careful management have allowed Pepin Heights Orchards to produce high quality fruit for more than 60 years, placing them among the top apple orchards in Minnesota today. Over the years, the orchard’s reputation for producing excellent fruit has grown, and so has our business – we now ship apples all over the country.

Pepin Heights believes that apples should taste great. We grow extraordinary apples that are available for only a short time. Our apples are hand picked, then sorted packed and stored in our state of the art facilities. So whether you shop our Lake City store or your local supermarket, choose Pepin Heights apples for their distinctive high quality and just-picked flavor.

Pepin Heights Orchards is a leader in new variety innovation. We were the first grower to commercialize the University of Minnesota’s Honeycrisp variety back in the early 1990s; it has since grown to the #6 apple variety in the United States. Pepin Heights received a license from the university in 2005 to commercialize Minneiska (trade name SweeTango®) in North America. We selected top growers and packers to form Next Big Thing, a Growers Cooperative to grow and market SweeTango in the United States and Canada. Pepin Heights transferred the SweeTango license to the cooperative in 2015.

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