darrel oakes

LynOaken Farms, Inc.

Lyndonville, N.Y.
Founded: 1918

The apple growing tradition of the Oakes family and LynOaken Farms dates back to 1918, when our grandfather purchased land in rural Orleans County in Western New York to grow the best apples possible. Growing up, our parents and grandparents taught us to learn from the past to build on our future. This principle guides us in every aspect of our orchard operations and has helped us continue to grow apples recognized as world-class in quality.

Our philosophy, as stewards of our history and the environment, guides us to deliver the best Mother Nature and the Oakes family has to offer. By providing unwaxed, hand-packed apples through our retail outlets as well as flash-pasteurized orchard fresh cider made from our own hand-picked fruit, we continue that same stewardship direct to our customers.

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