Interwater Farms Box of Apples

Interwater Farms

Williamsburg, Michigan
Founded: 1921

The land of Interwater Farms did not begin as an orchard, nor was it always known as Interwater Farms.

Vern White began his Williamsburg, Michigan farm in 1921 by raising horses and cattle. It wasn’t until his son, Jack, and Jack’s wife, Barbara, took over that the farm’s primary focus became growing apples and cherries.

The farm came to be known as Interwater Farms during an expansion in the early 1980’s when the family purchased a neighboring farm. During inspection of an old barn, they found a weathered sign that read “Interwater Farms.” Since surrounding farms all seemed to be named after the area’s dominant cherry business, they appreciated the random creativity and adopted it as their own.

Today, 400 acres of apples, cherries and peaches are operated by Jack and Barbara, as well as their four sons; David, Doug, Bill, and John. Like most fruit growers, the family has always sold some of their crop to passers-by in a small fruit stand on the road leading to the farm. It was looked upon as, “something for the grandkids to do”. But the marketing operation grew as David’s daughter came in one day to announce, “Dad, there are too many of us out there!” Now, the White family takes apples, cherries, and peaches to farm markets all around Grand Traverse Bay.

Interwater Farms was an early adopter of the HoneyCrisp apple. Growing SweeTango apples allows the family to continue their commitment to providing high culinary-quality fruit to consumers while operating a sustainable business that can be passed on to future generations.