Bakker’s Acres

Suttons Bay, Michigan
Founded: 1989

Al Bakker and his wife, Lynn, purchased the land that would become Bakker’s Acres in 1989. The 70 acre parcel was planted with hay, corn and oats, but Al’s experience and interests led him to plant fruit trees.

Al was (and still is) a partner with neighboring Cherry Bay Orchards, whose primary business was in apples and cherries.

Located in prime cherry-growing country, Al soon discovered he was paradoxically drawn to the challenges presented by growing apple trees. Like a chef forever tinkering toward a perfect recipe, he appreciated the deft horticultural touch required to produce a desirable crop of apples.

Bakker’s Acres interest in SweeTango came directly from experience with one of its parents, Honeycrisp. While selling their fruit at local farmers markets, Al and Lynn were impressed with the passion high quality apples inspired in their customers. In turn, that inspired Al and Lynn to seek out more varieties that could garner such powerful consumer responses.

One bite of a SweeTango apple told them they’d found their match!

Bakkers Acres has Sweetango for retail sale available at their farm stand
2677 N. Setterbo Road
Suttons Bay MI.

Sweetango are also offered for sale at 3 local farmers markets:

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