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chazy orchards

Chazy Orchards Inc

Chazy, N.Y.
Founded: 1920s

Chazy Orchards was established by the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, which sought a commodity to haul between Montreal and New York City. In the late 1930s, the orchard fell under the management and eventual ownership of the Green family.

In July 2010, Chazy Orchards was purchased by the Giroux family — locals who made their mark in grain and egg production farming. The addition of Honeycrisp proved to be very successful and established Chazy Orchards as a premier supplier of the apple. With the advent of SweeTango, Chazy Orchards saw another opportunity to add a premier variety. We feel the SweeTango has the flavor and grower friendliness to even surpass Honeycrisp.

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Cherry Lawn Fruit Farms

Sodus, N.Y.
Founded: 1922

The tradition of growing apples at Cherry Lawn Fruit Farms dates back more than 100 years and five generations. Todd and Ted Furber are fourth generation growers working the farm for more than 35 years. They are happy that the fifth generation of their family is joining the business to continue this legacy. In 2013, Todd’s Son-in-law, Eric joined the farm business. Todd’s daughter, Jacquie also participates in the apple stand and pumpkin growing operation. In 2020, Todd’s daughter, Jillian began working with her mother Debbie in the farm office. Ted’s son, Jack works on the farm during the summer and breaks from college. Their father, Ron is still actively involved in some of the farm operations. The original farmstead of 134 acres was farmed by their great grandfather, Neil Furber and his wife Cora. Then, by their grandfather Rex and his wife Georgia; Ronald had an active role on the farm during his youth that continued into his adult life. Ron and his wife Linda continued this family farm legacy which brought it to the present day. That original acreage is still in production today. When the farm began, the front yard was filled with cherry trees, which is where our original name, Cherry Lawn Farms, stemmed from. The farm has evolved and seen many changes from its early days of growing fruit, field crops, raising livestock, dairy operation, and chickens. Over the years, there was also a sand/gravel operation, a small apple packing house, pressed apple cider, and a farm market where we sold various produce products, the majority of which were grown on our farm.

Cherry Lawn Fruit Farms has grown to its current size of 550 acres, growing more than 20 varieties of apples, and other various crops. We like to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and maximize our acreage to produce quality fruit and are proud to grow many of the newer varieties, such as Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Ruby Frost, Ever Crisp, SnapDragon, and especially SweeTango! In 2012, we built a Controlled Atmosphere storage facility on the farm, that has the capacity to store 185,000 bu. of apples in CA storage, as well as 35,000 bu. of apples in regular cold storage. In 2015, solar panels were installed that currently produce 75% of our electrical usage at the storage facility. Currently, 70% of our apples are grown for fresh fruit markets, 30% as process fruit. Our fresh fruit apples are sold through 4 different packing house operations and the fresh slice market, our process fruit is sold through 3 processors. In addition, there are several farm markets that we sell apples to, along with our own small roadside stand.

Our Philosophies are: To grow quality fruit and successfully market it to achieve the highest returns possible; accomplishing this in an efficient, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective way. To stay on the cutting edge of the industry by attending meetings. Staying involved in the industry by actively participating on various committees and boards advocating on behalf of all growers. We also strive to know the consumer, and educate them about agricultural practices as needed.

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Fowler Farms New York State

Fowler Bros., Inc.

Wolcott, N.Y.

Fowler Farms’ roots date back several generations. John and Bob Fowler are fifth-generation growers, and while the original homestead still remains in production, the operation has grown to manage more than 2,500 acres of fruit. Its main emphasis is on apple production, and SweeTango apples are its newest variety. The business of growing at Fowler Farms encompasses more than just trees. As a several time winner of the New York State Grand Champion packing award from the New York Department of Agriculture, Fowler Farms has learned that its employees are what make it possible for the operation to continue to grow and improve.

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Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards, Inc.

Crown Point, N.Y.
Founded: 1826

Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards is managed by their sixth generation of family on the farm. They own and operate a 165-acre farm on the edge of the Adirondack Mountains and shores of Lake Champlain. The rich soils result in very high-quality fruit. Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards recently added raspberries and strawberries under high tunnels.

Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards predicts SweeTango will have a very positive impact on their business as well as the produce industry as a whole. Of all the apples they’ve grown, they see the greatest potential in SweeTango.

kc bailey

KC Bailey Fruit Farms

Williamson, N.Y.
Founded: 1984

KC Bailey Orchards consists of 150 bearing acres of apple trees and 20 non-bearing acres. KC Bailey Orchards currently grows more than 25 varieties of apples, most of which are sold at wholesale fresh markets. KC Bailey Orchards, Inc. is a vertically integrated operation, which includes 95,000 bushels of on-farm cold storage. The operation is powered by wind turbines, which provide clean energy for the entire farm.

KC Bailey Orchards predicts the SweeTango revolution will provide a winning scenario for both consumers and growers. Consumers will enjoy SweeTango apples anywhere in the country and the growers will enjoy marketing a superior product in high demand.

Lamont Fruit Farm, Inc.

Waterport, N.Y.
Founded: 1966

The operating company, Lamont Fruit Farm was incorporated in 1966 by brothers George and Roger Lamont, who were the sixth-generation family farmers. The company is now owned and operated by Rod and Karyn Farrow. Lamont Fruit Farm currently operates 475 acres of apples with 27 different varieties. SweeTango plays a key role in the future of Lamont Fruit Farm’s profitability. Rod and George believe it is a tremendous apple that has been very well received by all who have been lucky enough to have tried it.

darrel oakes

LynOaken Farms, Inc.

Lyndonville, N.Y.
Founded: 1918

The apple growing tradition of the Oakes family and LynOaken Farms dates back to 1918, when our grandfather purchased land in rural Orleans County in Western New York to grow the best apples possible. Growing up, our parents and grandparents taught us to learn from the past to build on our future. This principle guides us in every aspect of our orchard operations and has helped us continue to grow apples recognized as world-class in quality.

Our philosophy, as stewards of our history and the environment, guides us to deliver the best Mother Nature and the Oakes family has to offer. By providing unwaxed, hand-packed apples through our retail outlets as well as flash-pasteurized orchard fresh cider made from our own hand-picked fruit, we continue that same stewardship direct to our customers.

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whittier fruit farm

Whittier Fruit Farm

Rochester, N.Y.
Founded: 1949

Mark Russell and Jill MacKenzie farm together in Rochester and Appleton, N.Y., growing SweeTango apples on Whittier Fruit Farm’s two orchards.

When they married, they thought it would be a great idea for Whittier Fruit Farm to plant what they believed was the worlds’ best apple, so they joined the cooperative and planted SweeTango; 15 acres on their big orchard in tiny Appleton, and 130 trees at the Russell family’s solar-powered U-pick.

Whittier Fruit Farm was founded by Ray and Judy Russell in 1974 when they bought a 40-acre farm West of Rochester, and planted it into a pedestrian-friendly, pick-your-own orchard. Mark and his brother, Dave, joined the family business as partners after college, and the U-pick has been a big attraction for forty years running. Jill is now the managing horticulturist.

The Russell family has always been proud to take chances on new varieties, as well as giving the public ready-to-pick versions of their traditional favorites. Now, they can add SweeTango to the list, but you better show up early if you want one right off the tree!

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Orchard Dale Fruit Company, LLC

Waterport, N.Y.
Founded: 1804

Orchard Dale Fruit Company is a two-century-old family orchard. Now in their seventh generation of family on the farm, Dale Fruit Company farms more than 240 acres of fruit. Orchard Dale Fruit Company believes SweeTango is taking their company to a new level and make apple growers better as a whole.

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Fish Creek Orchards

Fish Creek Orchards was established as a new partnership in 2011 with Rod Farrow and Kaari Stannard for the development of new apple orchards with exceptional new varieties.

Fish Creek Orchards became a member of NBT in 2015 and is now actively planting Minnieska trees to produce SweeTango apples. We were very happy to announce in 2015 the addition of two more orchard ownership partners – Jose Iniguez and Jason Woodworth to the company. We couldn’t be more excited than to work with such a good apple and great group of grower partners delivering amazing tasting fruit to our customers.

Van De Walle Fruit Farm, LLC

Williamson, N.Y.
Founded: 1983

VanDeWalle Fruit Farm was established in 1983 upon the purchase of a fruit farm in Alton, N.Y., consisting of 155 acres. A partnership was formed between manager Scott VanDeWalle, Marshall VanDeWalle and their parents, Kenneth and Donna VanDeWalle.

The farm has grown over the years with the purchase of additional land to its current 600 acres, approximately 470 of which are dedicated to apple trees. The main varieties grown are Gala, Honeycrisp, Macs, Cameo, Fuji, Red Delicious and SweeTango. An apple-packing house, Wayne County Fruit Sales, was added in 1991 allowing them to pack their own apples, plus those of neighboring growers.

The Wayne County Fruit Sales facility, under the management of Marshall, has also grown over the years. All in all, the apple industry has proven to be a gratifying occupation for the VanDeWalles.

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Zingler Farms, Inc.

Kendall, N.Y.

Zingler Farms was founded by Mike Zingler in 1989 when he was 24 years old. Mike was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1988 and came home to Western New York State in search of a career relating to his helicopter mechanics degree. To hold him over while he looked for a job, he began working on a farm for a local, aging farmer. This aging farmer ended up renting Mike land to grow his own crops and, thus, Zingler Farms was formed. Several years later, Mike purchased his own land and the farm has been built from there.

Today, Zingler Farms is run by Mike and his 24 year old son, Jimmy, who joined the business in 2012. They operate 350 acres of apple orchards in Kendall, Hilton, and Holley, NY. Zingler Farms planted their first Minnieska (which produce SweeTango brand apples) trees in 2007 and have planted several other orchards since then. Their newest orchard of Minnieska was planted in 2017.

Each year, knowledge and growing technique is built upon as growing higher quality fruit is their main objective. They believe that their new orchard planting system and growing techniques that they continue to modify and adapt will allow them to produce even higher quality SweeTango apples than they have been able to grow in the past; meaning you and other consumers will be continually given better looking and tasting SweeTango apples moving into the future!

All of Zingler Farms’ Minnieska apples are packed at Lake Ontario Fruit, a premier packing and storage facility in Albion, NY, of which Mike is a part owner. After they are packed under very stringent specifications, these Minnieska apples become SweeTango brand apples.

Mike and Jimmy are very proud to be able to grow, in their opinion, the best apple in the world, SweeTango! They know that you will feel the same way after you bite into one!

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